Posts that are about transgender issues.

Hormone Therapy and the Moon

Going from a Full Moon to a Dark Moon, you still get Mooned.

I am a transgender woman, a Pagan, a Druid, and a lover of spirituality. As I interact with other transgender women, I observe a high proportion identify strongly with the Moon. Whether we consider ourselves Pagan or otherwise, follow a Moon-based spiritual path or otherwise, we respond to the Moon and her beauty.

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The Evolutionary Advantage to Transgender

When society claims transgender people are unnatural, baffle them with this article!

When the weather is fair, I like to run barefoot. I typically run about three miles around my neighborhood, which has concrete sidewalks. When people see me running barefoot, they tend to ask about it. After all, human feet are fragile, aren’t they? They require arch support, heel padding, and Kevlar shields in case of rocks. This is what shoe…

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Death of a Name: On Transgender People, Transition, and Integration

I put on a new “Hello, my name is…” sticker every morning. Not for the people around me, to remind myself what name I’m using today.

I had to go to the courthouse today. I had to go to the courthouse today. — No, not for that — I filed my petition for a legal name change. I mentioned previously that choosing a…

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