Transcurrent Explorers

Transcurrent Explorers
Graphic Design by Meagan Mosser
transcurrent  adjective
to extend across existing motion of flow, such as water or thought
explorer  noun
a person who investigates unknown regions to open it for development by others

What is Transcurrent Explorers?

Transcurrent Explorers (TCE) is a community of people who choose to think about gender and gender identity in a new way. Rather than be swept along with existing, restrictive thought, we reject the idea that gender is necessarily a binary. Instead, we believe that gender is an expression of our deepest identity, that it transcends common definitions, and that the only person capable of defining your gender is you. As such, each of us must explore the limits of our identity and our gender to become the person we know we are inside.

Is Transcurrent Explorers for Me?

As a Discord community, Transcurrent Explorers serves one need in particular: to support people of every type in exploring their true selves through gender presentation. How you present yourself to the external world defines who you are and gives clues to your deepest-held beliefs. TCE exists to help you understand those beliefs.

Members of TCE actively work on themselves. To determine if TCE is the right community for you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I want to tell people about my history? Or do I want to create an identity to manifest now and into the future?
  • Am I already satisfied with my gender presentation? Or do I have lingering questions about who I am that need answers?
  • Do I want to critique other gender journeys or gender presentations? Or do I want to become a cheerleader for gender exploration and accept all gender expression as beautiful?

TCE is built of and for people who answer “yes” to the second question in each set above. If you know who you are or do not share our interest in exploring ourselves, TCE is not the right community for you.

Alternatively, TCE requires people capable of helping us with practical aspects of gender exploration. We welcome people who answer “yes” to the following questions:

  • Am I an expert and a teacher in fields that support gender exploration, such as clothing, makeup, or voice?
  • Am I an expert and a teacher in fields that support gender transition, such as legal aspects of changing names?

I’m In – How Do I Become a Transcurrent Explorer?

Joining Transcurrent Explorers is simple. Use the banner below to join the Discord server. If you have not already created an account with Discord, the link will lead to a page where you may create one and download the Discord client for your operating system. After that? Where you go as a Transcurrent Explorer is up to you. Come with us and change society for the better!