About Amethysta

Hello! My name is Amethysta Selina Herrick. I am a transgender woman.

My education and professional background is scientific and technical. Over my 25-year career, I worked as a chemist, a professor, a software engineer, and a software manager.

Despite professional success, my life was punctuated by mental health issues, substance abuse, and self-harm. I was hospitalized, medicated, and analyzed, yet my mental health was never completely stable.

In 2022, I began exploring my gender identity and discovered the link between accepting myself and achieving peace. On 07 July 2022, I took the first step to transition gender, which led to such positive changes in my outlook and self-worth, I was encouraged to share my story with others.

Today I write full-time about my transgender experience to explore the nature and origin of identity. My purpose is to demonstrate how the transgender experience is no different from other common human experiences – that by accepting ourselves, not only do we feel better, we understand each other better.

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