Transcurrent Explorer Event Rules

These are the rules that stand during any event hosted by Transcurrent Explorers. All attendees of events agree to abide by the rules or leave. Violating event rules will result in being banned from the Transcurrent Explorers Discord community.

  1. No recording of any kind.
    In order to foster an environment in which people feel comfortable to share, no recording is permitted, including audio stream, video stream, and screen captures.
  2. You are expected to participate by default.
    Events are scheduled to help members of Transcurrent Explorers learn about themselves and others. If you choose not to participate, you must signal that by turning your video off.
  3. Share only what you feel comfortable sharing.
    If a topic makes you uncomfortable, don’t participate. However, events are intended to help each of us overcome discomfort. Consider moving outside your comfort zone.
  4. Don’t be mean.
    This is a safe space and it will remain safe. If you have a nasty thought, keep it to yourself.
  5. Events have a purpose – stick to it.
    We are here for a reason! If the topic is not of interest, please feel free to leave as soon as you realize it.