Reading “Transgender Meh…”

Because it’s so funny to say “meh!”

Below is a video I filmed of me reading — well, performing, more like — my article titled “Transgender Meh: Finishing Before I Was Done.” I had a good time…and I hope this helps get my vocal inflections into your head. There’s nothing better than a good ding in your head!

P.S. In case you’ve never uploaded to YouTube, it gives you three thumbnails to show as the representative image. I purposely choose the creepiest one. You’re welcome?


Sex and Evolution – Behind the Scenes

A look inside my head that isn't too too frightening.

This is an extemporaneous video (as discerned by my ability to make a point) about the thoughts I had in the last couple weeks and how they are coming together to make a three-article series about the connections among sex, gender, and evolution.

The first article was “How Fuzzy Is Sex?” The second article should publish tomorrow. The series will complete next week.

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