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How I Hate the Word “Trans”

One of those few times Chris Rock seems to have made sense.

For a chemist, I sure seem to get confused easily — Today I read a news article discussing the ongoing debate about “trans” people. The word “trans” has become common parlance in the media to indicate a particular group of people. If I trust the media, that group of people tends to wear a lot of pink and showers themselves frequently…

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Reading “Transgender Meh…”

Because it’s so funny to say “meh!”

Below is a video I filmed of me reading — well, performing, more like — my article titled “Transgender Meh: Finishing Before I Was Done.” I had a good time…and I hope this helps get my vocal inflections into your head. There’s nothing better than a good ding in your head!

P.S. In case you’ve never uploaded to YouTube, it gives you three thumbnails to show as the representative image. I purposely choose the creepiest one. You’re welcome?